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Jana Pilátová – Obalová

Janka Pilátová

  • In 1985 completed studies at the Secondary Arts and Crafts School in Bratislava, specialisation wood-carving, with prof. Šicko.
  • She has been producing marionettes since 1989, when she joined the State Marionette Theatre in Bratislava.
  • In 1998, she went independent – she devotes her time to her own creation. She produces wooden puppets/marionettes according to her own creative designs.
  • In 1999 she was awarded a prize in the “Marionette of the Year“ competition organized by the “Sokol Havran Agency“.
  • In 2001 she exhibited in Prague on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the shop “Pod lampou“.
  • In 2004 in Banská Bystrica in the “Dominika“ villa –at State Marionette Theatre on the occasion of the International Festival of Marionette Theatres
  • In 2005 she exhibited in the Hierzers private marionette theatre in Schönbrunne in Vienna.
  • In 2003 and 2005 – participated with her works in the Salon of Artists of the Small Carpathian Wine Route in Modra

She carried out her effort to bring to life wooden marionettes and to breathe life into them together with her husband through the production of their own marionette theatre, with which since 2009they have made performances for children from 1 – 99 years of age :-))) . These performances are for all those who have not lost their children´s world – a world in which good wins over evil!

These are fairy tales with moral lessons which show us the tragic end of those who are full of themselves and lust for money ,. Not everything that is beautiful also has a good soul. And the contrary. Through the fairy tales, children lean true moral values.



Peter Pilát Peter Pilát


In 1987 completed studies at the Arts and Crafts Institute in Bratislava –specialisation artistic cabinet-maker.

Since that time he has dedicated himself to artistic and craft activities – especially to the restoration of antiques.

For a certain period of time he worked abroad, and at present he is engaged in the repair of contemporary furniture in Slovakia; in addition to this he produces sets for the family theatre.

Together with his wife and daughter he works in the theatre.

Veronika Pilátová Veronika Pilátová

In 2010, our daughter Veronika also joined our activities. She is the best marionette “guide” of all of us :-)))

In 2011 we took part in these events:

  • 8.5.2011 – Small regional harvest of scenes – Trnava
  • 3-4.6.2011 – Children and theatre – Rimavská Sobota
  • 5.6.2011 – Fairy Tale Modra – First annual Puppet Theatre Festival in Modra
  • 13.8.2011 – ŠpanDiv -Festival in Špana dolina
  • 21.8.2011 – Nitra – Chrenov’s Stalls
  • 27.8.2011 – Kremnica Gags
  • 10.9.2011 – Banská Bystrica City Days, 354. Radvan Festival
  • 10.9.2011 – Salamander Days – Banská Štiavnica
  • 8.10.2011 – Lords of the Renaissance – Old City Hall, BA
  • 28.10.2011 – 29.10.2011 – 33rd International Puppet Theatre Days, Mistelbach Austria